A) The Quotation / Sales Order comprise the seller's quote or the buyer's order as accepted and confirmed by both parties subject to the Terms and Conditions herein stated.

B) Any amendments made whether proposed by the buyer or agreed upon between both the seller and the buyer shall be subject to final acceptance and written confirmation of the seller.

C) Unless otherwise specified, all goods shall be packed in the seller's standard cartons. Any request for extra packing will be at cost of the buyer.

D) The seller shall not be held responsible for delay shipment or non-delivery of the goods due to war, strikes, floods, typhoons, earthquake or any other circumstances beyond the seller's control, which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading. In such cases, the seller shall inform the buyer the occurrence mentioned above as soon as possible and take all possible measure to solve the problems.

E) All prices of goods quoted are based on the manufacturers' standard finish and specification. Any modification or adding accessories / components to the fixtures are subject to extra cost in the buyer's account.

F) Model Number, quantities and conditions of goods delivered must be checked and verified promptly by buyer in the presence of our delivery personnel. Failing which, the seller will not accept responsibility for any claim or return of goods.

G) The buyer cannot cancel or disposal once the order has been confirmed, otherwise the deposit paid would be forfeited and could not be used for exchange exchange for other merchandise, meanwhile the seller reserves the rights to trace back the balance from the buyer.

H) If the buyer fails or refuses to take delivery within 6 months from the confirmed date of transaction, the order will be cancelled and the seller reserves the rights to dispose of the whole or any part of the goods remaining undelivered without any notice to or consent from the buyer. No deposit shall be refunded to the buyer.

I) If the buyer does not make payment on or before due date, the seller shall be entitled to charge the buyer a late payment of 2% per month of the total sums overdue. The seller shall also suspend delivery until the default payment is settled. If the overdue balance is outstanding more than 6 months, the order shall be void and the seller confiscates the deposit.

J) Customers are entitled to 2 months of free storage from the agreed product available date indicated on the Sales Contract. If the balance is settled within the first 2 months free storage period will be extended to 4 months from the agreed product available date indicated on the Sales Contract. Failure to do so customers are subjected to additional storage fees to be quoted and dependent on the order physical volume from the 3rd month. The storage fee will need to be settled prior to the order for Archetypal to despatch the goods.

K) Archetypal Limited retains final deciding authority in any event of dispute.

L) All terms & conditions, stated and implied, are subject to change without prior notice.

Please be informed that ARCHETYPAL LIMITED reserves the final decision-making authority in the event of a dispute.